Perfectly Alright With Being Imperfect

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection” ~ George Orwell

Why are we so hard on ourselves for being imperfect? As a society we have set such high standards for ourselves and have had such high standards set for us, that half the time we can’t see how unattainable they are. This happens in all aspects of life:

You see it in the business man that works long after his children have gone to bed just to finish the projects given to him.

You see it in the teenager that compares herself to super models, vowing that she will get plastic surgery as soon as she is 18.

You see it in the student that is terrified to bring home a report card knowing that his parents will be disappointed despite his best efforts.

You see it in the housewife that thinks she has to do it all for her family, taking no time for herself.

Here is the lesson I am learning. I am not perfect, nor am I expected to be. I am learning to accept this fact and to be kinder to myself in the meantime. Because I am learning to be kinder to myself I am also learning to be kinder to others as well. And in this kindness I am learning to be less judgmental and more at peace.

Nobody is perfect so how can we expect ourselves or others to be. Find that kindness within yourself, because if you can’t find that kindness how can you find it for others?

7 Steps to an Organized Computer

The inability to find a document, a photo or a piece of music can be a frustration as well as a time waster. When we set out to find something, it’s our plan to find that something in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Setting up the computer properly can make things much easier to find.

1. When organizing a computer, you will want to start with broad, overall categories. On my computer they are; “My Documents”, “My Pictures” and “My Music”. I use a PC.

2. Under “My Documents”, begin by setting up Main Folders and Sub Folders. You do this by right clicking on the Main folder, select New Folder and then type in what you want to call the new folder.

Main Folders and Sub Folders will look something like this. (if you would like things to appear in an order other than alphabetical, put a number or character in front of the word)

Business (main heading)

  • Admin (sub heading)
  • Financial (sub heading)
  • Legal (sub heading)
  • Marketing (sub heading)

Current Projects (main heading)

  • Project 1(sub)
  • Project 2 (sub)
  • Personal (sub)

Current Projects (main)

  • Project 1 (sub)
  • Project 2 (sub)


  • Member 1
  • Member 2


  • Bill paying
  • Inventory

Archives (make sure categories you place here match the categories you have used in the current section)

3. Under “My Music” you are going to want to create some music categories. There are several ways you can set up your music section. Some examples may be…

By artist

  • Van Halen
  • The Beatles
  • Elvis

By genre

  • Classical
  • Rock and Roll
  • Hip Hop

By mood

  • Dance
  • Party
  • Romantic

4. Under “My Pictures” there are several ways you could go.

By person

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Daughter
  • Son

By event

  • Disneyland
  • Birthday
  • Vacation to Beach

By date (this will be the hardest to search by unless you are great with remembering dates)

5. Now it’s time to take some time and do a little (or a lot) of deleting.

Delete all unnecessary and outdated documents.

Delete photos of people you don’t know, blurry photos and duplicates.

Delete music that you no longer are interested in.

6. Archive those documents that you still need but don’t use on a regular basis. For example, past tax documents, bank statements, credit card statements, etc.

7. Don’t forget the Desktop. Clean it up! Keep only things on here that you need quick access to. For example, an icon that takes you to My Documents will be a quick way to get to your documents. Do the same with Pictures and Music, and anything else you use on a regular basis.

Get started today. Start with your most current work. Set up folders for the new documents you create, the new photos you take and the new music you download.

As for the older items, the things that have lived on your computer for quite some time, either set aside a small amount of time each day to get organized or set aside a large chunk of time and take care of it all at once.

Do what feels most comfortable for you to get the best outcome.

Finding a Unique Gift for Your Loved One

Finding a gift for someone who seems to have everything may seem like a nearly impossible feat, whether it’s for an upcoming birthday or holiday. Oftentimes, you would rather not to resort to a gift card or money, as it seems somewhat impersonal and you’d really like to get them something special. The trick to finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member is finding something unique – you want to ensure that they don’t already have it and won’t be receiving it from somebody else but it’s special enough to truly remember.

For the writer

Whether you know a writer, business person, or simply someone with a desk job, you know that they are consistently scribbling on notepads and post-it notes. Give them something unique to brighten up their day when their taking notes with a customized notebook or notepad. Whether you choose a monogram or another unique image, you can ensure a special gift for your loved one.

For the art-lover

Most people have a decent appreciation for artwork so whether it’s something to hang up in their home or around the office, limited edition art prints can make a great unique gift. By opting for a limited edition print, you make the gift even more special while also ensuring that they don’t already have it and decrease the likelihood that someone else has thought to buy them the same item.

For the interior decorator

Do you know someone who seems to be incessantly decorating and re-decorating their home? Do you know a new home-owner or a student moving into their first dorm room or apartment? Gifts for the home are a broad category so narrow it down by room and consider their home and hobbies. For example, if he or she loves cooking, you might want to consider a new appliance or a nice wine rack or something else they could use. Browse online and see if there are any throw pillows or photo frames that strike you.

Finding a unique gift for your loved one doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it a fun search by keeping your options open and browsing the web in your free time – don’t wait until the last minute so you have to scramble to find something suitable. Consider their hobbies and what makes a gift unique. Your loved one is sure to be appreciative and thankful of any gift that comes from the heart.

If There Is One Thing to Do in 2013, It’s Doing It Right

As the world turns to face yet another year, its only natural to reflect on the progress made in the last twelve months. Maybe the year started with the best intentions, only to have a eurozone shaped bomb drop on your business aspirations. Or maybe you’re one of the few that have actually squeezed a profit out of an otherwise hostile economy.

Whatever the fate of your business plan, the cold hard truth is that for many, times are hard. Banks won’t lend, customers won’t buy. To make things even more frustrating, everything seems to be going digital, and the pixels just don’t feel as friendly as the pen and paper you’re so familiar with. Its cold, its dark, and the future looks as unlikely as George Osborne handing out fivers in a dole que. You start to notice that your bank manager doesn’t seem to smile at you anymore, you want to go back to 2006 when a bailout was something you did to a boat.

Things look bad, then you realise something. You realise that its a new year, you realise that things can get better, you realise that 2013 is going to be the year that it all changed.

If you are the sort of person to have the ambition and drive to run your own business then you are indeed one of the lucky ones. The romantic ideal of being your own boss is something that many aspire to achieve, yet the truth is that the devil is in the detail. Yes it may be fulfilling, and yes things might be going great thank you very much, but that constant, irritating, niggly reality is that you wish you had more time to do what you do best. Flower arranger, clothes designer, bricklayer, butcher, baker or a self-employed candlestick maker. Whatever your profession, whatever your business plan, you know that you would thrive if you could just put down the abacus, and hand over the tax return to someone else.

The key here is delegation, there is no shame in admitting defeat when it comes to the accounts. Its a skill set, it requires training and techniques and a natural flair for numbers and organisation. This is a characteristic that many do not possess, and that’s fine. What’s more is that it can be destructively time consuming.

For anyone who has let 2012 bog them down in paperwork and number crunching, there should only be one new years resolution, and that should be to get involved again. Get hands on, do what you do best, and what your business depends on. Innovate, interact with your staff or contacts, develop your products. Don’t spend time counting receipts and tax deductible biros, spend your time protecting your business against the turbulent uncertainty of 2013. Growth is timid these days, and its going to be a rough ride.

Some Useful Travel Tips for Bali

The scenic Indonesian island of Bali attracts thousands of visitors to its shores every year. In fact it is fast this island nation of varied landscape, stunning beaches, vibrant culture and warm, hospitable people. A visit to Bali is not just about relaxation and rejuvenation – it is an enlightening experience that is bound to have a deep impact upon your life. This said, some practical information about the Bali can help you plan your trip better. Listed here are some tips that can come in use if you are planning a trip to the island.

Here are some tips for your consideration.

Entering Bali

To enter Bali, make sure that your visa is valid for the next six months. You also need to show a return ticket. Visas, both tourist and business, can be obtained from the Indonesian embassy in your country. Citizens from some Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos don’t require a visa; however, valid travel documents need to be in place. For some countries, visitors are issued visa on arrival. For more information, you can check with your airlines or travel agent.


The local currency is rupiah. Facilities for money exchange are available throughout the island, and more specifically in tourist-friendly areas. This said, money is best exchanged at a reputable authorized money changers and major banks. Major hotels, resorts and private Bali villas and shops accept Traveler’s checks. However, passport number would be required and so do not forget to carry a photocopy of your passport. Also keep in mind, while changing large amounts of money it is advisable to check notes carefully as fake bills are in circulation. Credit cards are widely accepted though an extra 3% is added onto your bill.


While traveling to Bali make sure you have personal insurance or travel insurance to cover accidents. If you rent a car, then remember to remove all your belongings since thefts are a common occurrence. Also it is advisable to keep all important documents in the safe of your accommodation.


Weather in Bali ranges from warm to hot throughout the year so pack light cotton clothes. Also, Bali is a land of temples and ancient monuments and to visit them you need to be conservatively dressed. While visiting temples or religious ceremonies, do not walk in front of people praying.


There are several tourist resorts in Bali all of which offer a range of accommodation types from beachfront luxury Bali villas to resorts and hotels. Bali is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors the year round so it is advisable to book accommodation well in advance.

How To Acquire A Home Loan

Getting a home loan can seem like a daunting task, but with the proper organization and research it shouldn’t be that difficult. Mortgage lenders are in the business of lending money, and they want to work with qualified buyers to get them into a home that they want and can afford. While it’s more challenging today for some buyers to secure a loan, many others will find that it’s not that difficult at all.

Getting A Pre-Qualification

The first step towards receiving a home loan is getting a pre-qualification. The pre-qualification screening will go through the borrower’s financial information and documents to let the borrower know how much the bank is likely to lend them. A pre-qualification should not be confused with a pre-approval. A pre-approval simply looks at very basic information, and most real estate agents will need the borrower to get a pre-qualification instead to move on with their house hunt. A borrower should always get multiple pre-qualifications from different lenders, because different lenders may be willing to offer higher loan amounts.

Finding The Right Home

The next step after getting a pre-qualification is for the borrower to find the right home. The borrower should keep in mind that a pre-qualification is to allow the borrower to know the largest amount that he or she can borrow from the bank. That means the borrower needs to consider their own finances and what would truly be comfortable to them before making any commitments. Finding the right home may take a lot of time, but it’s important that the borrower gets a good fit, because this home may last them a lifetime.

Getting A Home Loan

Once a borrower has found the home that they want, the serious work begins. The borrower should find all of their pay stub information, their W2 forms, and their tax information for at least the past couple of years. If the borrower works on contract, they should also find all of their 1099s. At times, the borrower may need a letter from their employer or employers stating that their income is either not likely to change or is likely to increase over time. These letters are usually needed when the borrower is not on salary.

Along with income information, the borrower will need all the information on any of their debts, which includes credit cards, personal loans, student loans, and automobile loans. This information should include the minimum payments on these accounts, along with when the repayment begins in the case of student loans. The borrower will also need to collect statements on all of their assets, to include checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, and stock portfolios. All of this information needs to be provided in a packet to the lending institution, and the lending institution will process this information to approve the borrower for their loan.

How to Sell Your Laptop Online

Technology has become very important nowadays, if you look at it technically pretty much everything in this world runs on technology. People use technology everyday and the most important gadget that they utilize is their laptop. Laptops have gained quite a lot of publicity especially because new models are being released almost every single year! People have a wide range of different options of laptops to choose from when they step in the market to purchase a laptop. Some people throw away their old gadgets so that they can purchase new ones. Bad idea! Throwing away a laptop that is “old” means that either the person is just ignoring the actual value of the object or they just want to throw away free money. Even the oldest pieces of technology have their own place and value in the market. There are some people that choose to sell their old laptop for a new one, and this is a splendid idea!

Getting Ready to Sell the Laptop

Get all the different items that came with the laptop together such as the cables, boxes, stickers, manuals, disks, and other items that were included. Even the little things will make a huge difference to the person purchasing your laptop. Take pictures of the device. Just make sure that you remove any kind of optical media or memory cards that you keep in your laptop. The next step would be to write a complete description about the laptop and what state it is in such as its battery life, if it is damaged or not, the memory, the USD ports that it has, etc. Determine what the price of the laptop would be by doing research on the Internet such as by looking it up on eBay or another website. Set the price a bit higher than what you want to sell it at and when you get a customer lower the price down so that they will feel tempted to purchase it from you.

Consider where you want to sell the gadget

Some of the places where you could sell your laptop would be:

  • Web forums
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Negotiation

Besides websites you can search around your neighborhood too to see if somebody is willing to purchase your laptop.

Take Care of the Transaction

Once you have a customer you should keep in mind where you would like to have them pay you through. You should also keep other things in mind such as

  • Managing expectations
  • Payment
  • Feedback
  • Shipping

Stay on the safe side while you are busy selling your laptop online because there are many scammers that are just waiting to trick you!

Credit Reporting Agencies – The Big Three

In the United States, dozens of credit bureaus keep track of whether we pay our bills as agreed. However, most people only need to concern themselves with 3 credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Virtually all potential lenders and landlords will check one or more of these documents when deciding whether they will conduct business with you. Thus, it is important to check at least the big 3 credit reports every year.

A common mistake people make is falling for “free credit report” scams. Virtually all websites that advertise complimentary copies of the 3 credit reports are very interested in getting your credit or debit card information. Yes, you may initially get one or more free copies of your credit files. However, within one to 30 days you will typically be charged for a credit monitoring service. The fine print was that you could get a “free” credit report, but only as part of a “free” trial. If you did not cancel the trial of the credit monitoring service within a specified time period, then you will be charged a monthly or even an annual fee.

Also, many of these “free” reports have inaccuracies. The best way to get your 3 credit reports is by using a government-approved website called The Federal Trade Commission, a government organization designed to help protect consumers’ wallets, does not endorse any other website for the purpose of getting truly free copies of the 3 credit reports.

Alternatively, you can write or call Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. However, it will be much easier for you to go through the brief identity verification process at You will never be asked for any type of payment information and the website is very secure. In fact, you can’t even see your own 3 credit reports until you prove your identity. The typical standard for identity verification is for the computerized system to offer two to four multiple-choice questions. The areas covered could include previous streets or cities of residence, names of relatives or roommates, names of current or past lenders, and the monthly payment range for one of your existing loans such as a home mortgage. If you cannot complete this process online, you must send a copy of your passport, military ID, or driver’s license along with a copy of a bill that proves your address. Then you will get the 3 credit reports through postal mail.