Choosing The Perfect Ceiling Fan

More and more, ceiling fans are becoming an integral part of the look and feel of home interiors. There are more styles, finishes, and designs available than ever, making it much easier to match a fan to a rooms decor, or even to plan the room itself around a unique ceiling fan. No longer are fans merely functional. Often, the are more of an artistic focal point in a room.

It is well known that ceiling fan usage can reduce electricity costs by as much as 40 percent during the summer months. By recirculating warm air in the winter after the reversing the fan’s direction, you can conserve up to 10 percent of your normal energy usage. Ceiling fans typically use about the same amount of electricity as a 100 watt light bulb.

There is a great variety of ceiling fans available today, but not all are of the same quality. Inexpensive fans may seem to look and run well when first installed, but these tend to break down quickly. Finishes may tarnish, blades usually warp, and they easily become unbalanced. Do yourself a favor and invest in a higher quality fan, that will run for years without any problems. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty, and the fan’s output rating.

Some of the aesthetic variables to consider when searching for the perfect fan are: style, size, motor finish, blade finish and material, and lighting. Some common fan colors and finishes available are oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel, satin nickel, polished and antique brass, chrome, copper, pewter, white, and black.

You will also need to determine the square footage of the room in which you plan to hang your new fan. Doing so will help you to maximize the airflow for the area, without overpowering it. For instance, in a small room such as a bathroom or a kitchen nook, you will need a fan with a blade span of around 30″ – 36″. Larger rooms up to about 10′ x 10′ or 12′ x 12′ can use a 42″ – 48″ fan. 50″ – 54″ fans are considered standard size, and work perfectly in rooms 12′ x 12′ and over. This is the typical size fan you will see most often in homes and businesses. And for very large rooms, you will need a fan with an even larger blade span if you wish it to look right aesthetically in the space. Most manufactures offer models with 60″ or 72″ blade sweeps. Or instead, you may wish to install two or more medium sized fans in the room rather than one oversized one. This would most likely make for better airflow through the room.

Choosing the perfect, high quality fan with the right look and style for your space is not difficult, but you should be aware of the different brands and their advantages before purchasing.

Tips on Selecting Securing Payment Gateway Services

If you are thinking of getting online to make some money, or putting website online that will generate income and earn some money for you, then you need to know that unless you already have a merchant account, you cannot receive any payments online. While some clients can easily wire you the money before service delivery, many people are gradually perceiving that the internet seems safer as a result of the security measures put in place by many e-commerce companies than sending their hard earned cash to someone who may not even deliver on his promises.

An important component that helps facilitate online payments is the payment gateway. Payment gateway service providers basically stand as the middle point between all financial transactions online. These do not function as banks or merchant accounts by themselves. Instead, they are more about security and validation. Most payment gateway service providers help ensure that the buyer’s information is safe by encryption, validates the data, decrypts it and sends to the merchant account. Bottom line, it stands as a security guard decrypting and encrypting the responses between websites and buyer’s credit card company or bank.

Payment gateways are important in helping to reduce the rates of fraud online, makes payment online faster. Back in the days when online payment solutions just began, people made payments and had to wait for close to a week before their cards could be verified with the bank -and mind you, one week was fast! Now, you can make an order and have all your identity and data verified within a few seconds. Payments are also smoother and faster as a result of these gateways.

While payment gateways are very important, it is important to know which type suits your needs at a point. This will help you make smart decision and decide on which payment gateway solutions to choose.

Know what Shopping Carts Are compatible with your intended payment gateway. This is very important as you might set up the shopping cart only to find that the payment gateway service you are using isn’t compatible with it. Thus, asking for a compilation of all shopping carts compatible with your intended gateway is a smart idea. Also be sure to make your comparisons of the price differences between each and every package. In cases where you do not understand certain aspects of the package, ask questions. Most sales people expect this and do not be forced or pressured into choosing an obviously incompatible package. If you go ahead, you could be entangles in a whole load of problems trying to figure out why your shopping cart isn’t recording any sales while you are indeed losing sales and profits.

If your website comes with a shopping cart, ensure that the payment gateway is seamlessly integrated. Most shopping cart vendors often have all these figured out already. But check just to be sure of what you are getting. After setting up the shopping cart, the easiest way to see if it’s working is to try buying from yourself. If your transaction goes through smoothly, then you do not have anything to worry about.

Choose A Secure Online Payment Gateway

Nothing can be more advantageous than having an online payment gateway formoney transfer services integrated in your website. With an online payment integrated, your visitors get a first hand opportunity to buy from your website. However, the most important aspect in a payment gateway is security.

How can you test the utility of any online payment gateway?

  1. Any secured online payment gateway should be able to deliver real time transaction facilities. You cannot process an order now and get the money transferred after a day.
  2. An online payment gateway should be interoperable. A system that works securely in Windows environment but fails in any other environment isn’t that worthy.

Security of online payment gateway

Security should be the most important determinant of an online payment gateway. To ensure that the payment gateway that you are utilizing is secured, you need to do a bit of research, for which some first hand knowledge and education is necessary. The best way would be to read about technology innovations related to online payment gateways and enquiring about security features offered by online payment gateway providers.

Some security features that work

    Digital signature – This is one of the safest ways to ensure security. A digital signature makes system literally hacker proof even if the id is hacked. Hence, opt for an online payment gateway that offer digital signature. Dynamic IP protection – Dynamic IP protection allows complete security as the system checks and verifies the same IP used in the previous successful session for any further online money transfer request. 128-bit security with SSL – this ensures that all transactions are automatically encrypted from the users’ browser with an encryption key length of 128-bits which is used extensively all over the Internet and is one of the highest browser encryption presently available.

Small Towns Are Growing Up

After decades of being overshadowed by Richardson to the east and the monster city of Dallas to the south, Carrollton Texas is finally gaining prominence.

Carrollton is forging a national reputation because of its embrace of the arts. European style street design, urban housing that sports vinyl decking is giving this Dallas suburb new life. Like many smaller communities in the region, Carrollton is not focusing on its size, but rather its outward appearance.

It’s a trend that is emerging in an increasing amount of smaller towns from Colorado to Alabama that is continuing to erase the lines between suburban and urban. Small suburban communities that have no downtowns, and are dominated by sprawling housing divisions with endless white picket fences are transforming themselves into cities where people can work, live and play.

These small but growing towns are applying some of the most advanced planning to create true downtown areas. Landscapers are in short demand. Brad Miller, who specializes in shade structures Dallas, says there has been a spike in demand for products like vinyl decking and gazebos.

“Many Carrollton businesses are trying to look more urban. They are looking to Dallas for ideas.”

Small towns like Carrollton are changing zoning to build city-style condos and apartments above stores. They are changing from big parking lots and strip malls to underground parking and behind stores. Most of the suburbs going through this transformation are affluent. Carrollton’s medium household income is $64,094, but the pursuit of young professionals and creative talent has pushed Carrollton to develop more multifamily housing.

“You now have residents who live in parts of metropolitan areas, and they expect what used to be thought of as just downtown shopping, high-end restaurants and a performing arts center,” says Robert Lang, urban affairs professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. “The difference from the ’70s and ’80s is that suburban downtowns you see now would’ve only been in central cities a generation ago.”

Similar towns in Texas are following Carrollton’s lead. Southlake, Texas, outside Fort Worth and Dallas, was a farming town that had only two-lane road access until the ’80s. That’s when sewer lines were put in and development boomed. The city began building a downtown in the late 1990s – called Town Square – around a town hall that houses Tarrant County offices. There are stores and restaurants, and the second residential phase of The Brownstones, pricey (from the $600,000s) three-story brick homes that evoke old-world urbanism, is in the works.

Support For Microsoft And its Benefits

Microsoft is the biggest PC manufacturer of the world today, and its list of additional PC hardware components add to its sales and bracket of being the frontrunner among the rest. Price competitiveness and utilization of latest advancements in technology are some other characteristics that add to its popularity and delivery of quality services. Products manufactured by Microsoft are today sold in all the countries around the world that are manufactured for both home and business users.

The company today offers several products and services as a result of a number of acquisitions that it made since it was started in the year 1975. Besides computers and hardware, the company today offers Hotmail email service, Microsoft Office Suite that also includes MS Outlook email client, Mobile OS, Server Software, System Administration tools, Video Games, and more.

Microsoft’s products and services are known to be quality-based in every aspect and these have also been what have helped the company keep the top slot. Just like its products, Support for Microsoft is another unique service that is offered by Microsoft. At times you could experience an issue with any of such products or services delivered by this company, and at that time you could rely on such support services to get your issue resolved.

Microsoft support services can be availed today through a number of channels. For instance, if you have recently purchased a product or service that is being covered by a warranty, you could call up Microsoft’s customer support number to get the issue resolved. If it is not covered by warranty, or has run out of it, you could choose to either purchase one to get live support services, or you could make use of online “Self Help” sections on Microsoft’s website to resolve the issue on your own.

Using such “Self Help” articles is always a recommended medium, since these not only help you with the resolution, but also educate you about how you could solve it in future should you come across any such issue again. You could also consult some technician living around you if you are not able to solve it by yourself. He would charge you with a fee, but having your issue resolved will not let you regret your decision.

If you want someone to help you out over the phone, you could turn to an independent support company that employs several experts who are well-versed with all kinds of technical issues, and after identifying the cause of your issue would start working on fixing it right away by taking remote login access to your computer after seeking your permission to do so. They also charge you a fee, but that is usually low, and would never let you feel the burden of spending much.

You could consult some online reviews to find the most compatible support plan for you, which also lies well within your budget.

Hosted Predictive Dialer for Increasing Sales

A hosted predictive dialer is a computerized telephone control system which works on a series of algorithms to optimize the calling of a list of telephone numbers, then transferring the answered calls to an agent. Call centers use hosted predictive dialers to optimize their productivity and increase sales. A hosted predictive dialer call algorithm forecasts the amount of answered calls and the length of call conversations. There by optimizing the amount of live calls an agent can handle at any given time.

The hosted predictive dialer adjusts the calling process in accordance to the number of agents logged in and available then monitors and predicts the calls it placed in comparison to the number of agents available and still ready to accept calls. The actual time difference between each answered call and average time an agent is on the phone determines the amount of calls the system makes on behalf of logged in agents.

This automated process eliminates the unanswered calls, answering machines, busy numbers, fax machines and any other nonfunctional calls. This valuable technology saves time through billable man hours used for dialing by hand time for call centers as the agent’s valuable time is saved by not dialing the calls manually and don’t have to wait for unanswered calls or answering machines.

This modern technology increases the production and efficiency while decreasing the labor waste by up to 72%. The hosted predictive dialing solution works best for a variety of call centers, whether small, medium or large. Most call centers that use a hosted predictive dialer technology are mainly for telemarketing or sales campaigns. Other industries that use a predictive dialer are marketing survey companies, debt management, credit repair, mortgage and real estate, energy deregulation and a host of other related industries.

Hosted predictive dialer is normally based on the fact that if a person is to sit down and manually dial 1000 people, a huge ratio of these calls won’t be answered by a live person on the other end. Out of every 100 calls made, only 30 to 40 calls are answered. The remainder of these calls are either not answered or turn out to be answering machines. So, the predictive dialer saves a huge amount of time wasted dialing these nonfunctional numbers. These are just some of the major advantages which a company or individual will surely get if they have an automated dialing system and it will definitely impact overall sales.

At last, people are wondering how to choose the right contact center software for their needs? They need to review the different functionality each system has before moving forward as not all system are the same. People should decide based on their current needs and future growth. Another thing to be kept in mind is that it must be able to integrate with other technologies you may be using. Overall, a hosted predictive dialer service proves to be reliable and cost effective service for every call center.

3 Ways to Meet Your Franchise Growth Goals in 2013

As we already head into our second week of 2013, it is likely that you’ve already got some pretty lofty goals lined up for your franchise this year. A new year is a great time to challenge yourself, start fresh, and accomplish great things.

We think 2013 will be a great year for franchise growth. But, getting there won’t be a simple process. As always, we’ve got some tips to help you meet your own franchise growth goals this year.

Don’t be afraid to seek out financing.

Whether it’s a working capital loan to add some additional employees or equipment financing to add another ice cream machine, you’re almost certainly going to need some help from a lender to allow your franchise to grow and prosper. There is almost never a bad time to seek out financing, as there are continues to be a plethora of lenders willing and ready to offer financing to franchisees. Don’t let your worries of taking on more debt hold you back from your dreams of expanding or tackling a new project. After all, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Make use of technology.

Technological improvements will likely allow you to work smarter, faster, and even save money in the long run at your franchise. Consider implementing an iPad ordering system, a more efficient POS, or even scheduling and book keeping software. You can’t expect to grow if you’re barley keeping up with your current operations.

Take advantage of opportunities from your franchisor.

When shooting for growth, it is almost always a good idea to jump on any opportunity that your franchisor throws your way. Do you have the chance to opt into a brand new product or undergo a brand reimaging? Take it! These are the things that will set you apart from your fellow franchisees – in your concept and beyond – and is ultimately what will bring new customers into your franchise location

Be Realistic

It’s great to aim high, but sometimes setting reasonable expectations can save your sanity. Take a careful look at your business and your previous growth patterns before you decide you’d like to grow 40% over last year (wouldn’t we all?). Aiming too high is only setting yourself up for failure and major headaches in the long run.

What are your growth goals for 2013? Let us know how you plan to get there in the comments!

Choose The Most Secured Payment Gateway

By integrating an online payment gateway, you can start receiving credit card payments through your website. A payment gateway is a special service that systematizes the collection of credit card, and is an equivalent of credit card processing terminal.

There are a number of advantages of having an online payment gateway. First, an online payment processing system will increase your business substantially because users will purchase your products at the very first time if they find an affordable payment system.

Many times users just back out if they are not able to purchase at the very first time and then return to some other website and purchase. This means loss of business for you. Secondly, by opting to receive online payment, you cut down substantially on manpower costs, apart from receiving payments instant. The most important advantage of online payment is that you are not restricted to fixed shopping hours. Your website is available 24 hours a day and hence users from various parts of the world can visit your website to place orders.

Payment gateways usually come in two types, a secure order form, and a merchant side application. a secure order takes users to a third-party website, the website of the payment service provider or credit card processing company. This is the most common type. The second type is a merchant-side application program interface. Here, a code is integrated into the server that is hosting the merchant’s ecommerce website, which automatically process credit card payments.

Whatever payment gateway type you opt for, you should choose one that offers the following advantages:

· Allow you to accept credit card payments from customers located anywhere in the world in seconds

· Be easy to use for shoppers

· Should be in real time. Customer should know instantly whether their credit card payment has been accepted or not.

· Should guarantee 100% security and charge back facility

EPAY is a secured online payment gateway, and offers a variety of services in addition to processing payments online. Using EPAY you can make and receive payments through sms, mobile, and even email, a definite advantage over other online payment gateways.