Java Pandan Leaf Bags – Renew Your Style and Spring Outfit

Renew your style and spring outfit immediately with our new must-have range of natural handmade fashion bags made in Indonesia. Check out the vibrant colours, unique craftsmanship and detailing. Our leaf bags come in a pretty good range of styles and colours. Whether you are a student or a busy mother, our choice has something for everyone. You will grab them every time you leave the house. You will love them. Great to wear anytime of the year. All labelled with a nice header card and bar-coded.

Native artisans from Indonesia are highly crafted and able to produce bags from leaves of the Pandan plant. They cut leaves and dry them in the sun, colour with natural colours, weave together the strips of plant to create this beautiful yet practical bag. Frequently called pandanus palms, these plants are not closely related to palm trees. Pandan, scientifically known as Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus (screw pine) genus, which is known commonly as pandan leaves. The tree grows twenty-six feet high. In ancient times, the leaves were used for making house thatching and women’s grass skirts. Creators of early fashion styles used to pin together women’s grass skirts. Cooking enthusiasts used to bake pandan cakes and has also been used in rice and other recipes. The strips of the leaves are used in making woven baskets, for rice serving or other food items. The fresh pandan leaf also has medicinal properties.

The Indonesia bags are made out of the raw materials, pandan. Local craftsmen collect the leaves from plants in the wild. Just the young parts are cut so the plant will revive. All the leaves are then sliced in thin strips and sorted for extra processing later on. Weavers from local villages make basic mats rolls from the leaves or ropes for other designs. First the leaf is torn into strips and dried in the sun. This is then woven into a rough fabric using wooden block moulds to create the desired final shape. The next step is a colouring process. The workers place all mats in drums with water-based colours. After drying, they shape the mats into final products, such as place mats or beautiful jewellery boxes. They used to apply colouring touches. The next stage is adding together the linings labels and zips. Finally they apply the decorative elements of design.

Fashion is no longer limited to clothing or jewellery but it has also made its venture into accessories. Ladies shoulder bags are perhaps the most important accessories of today’s fashion industry. Contemporary pandam bags are used by women of all ages. From middle-aged women to even teenagers.

You Taught Me

You taught me to think about the ramifications of my actions, before I do them. You have taught me so many things throughout my lifetime that the list would be too long. But more importantly than the things you taught me, was the way you made me feel. You made me feel loved, and it is that love that gave me my self-confidence. You have taught me to not only tell the truth, but to be honest with myself as well.

You have taught me stability by making sure that I had a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Through your nurturing ways I have learned that there are people in this world who care. I learned from you the importance of traditions, and how important it is to carry them on.

Everything that you taught me I will teach my children. Every lesson, every heartfelt story, and every place you took me to and shared its history will be carried on. You taught me that no one can ever take your pride away, only if you let them. On some days, pride is all you might have.

If your parents weren’t there, this is for you! By not being there, you have taught me to be self-sufficient. You have taught me that others care and others do love me. Your absence made me grow stronger. I have found faith in myself, like no other. Because you weren’t there God has had to watch over me more closely. I have learned and valued true friendships. Through your unavailability, I have had to learn what love is; I’ve made wrong choices, which I’ve learned from, instead of being guided through them. I have also found that I have many brothers and sisters in this world. During your absence, it has been a rough road; I’ve struggled with learning how to trust and to love someone, I’ve had to learn to love myself because you didn’t. What I’ve learned the most is that I can now thank you for not being there, as I have learned compassion.

No matter what cards you are dealt in this life. Just know that you are an important part of this world, your opinion matters. No one is perfect, many people act as if they are, and this is only a front for their imperfections. Love and life is real, take each moment and make it count. Make a memory for yourself and someone else. Teach others as you have learned. Sometimes a stranger can teach you more than any family member can, and vice versa. Be gentle, because the ones that weren’t there teaching you, were busy being taught by someone else. If they haven’t learned their lessons, they will have another opportunity in their next life.

Organization – The Importance of Planning and Lists

Planning and lists are crucial to the success of any home based business!

My years of experience have taught me to do what works for me. I continually read what works for others, what experts recommend, how to best handle goal-setting and planning. I tried to fit into the mold that works for others, but that just didn’t work! So, I urge you to read on, pick up what will help you, and leave what doesn’t. There is no right or wrong – at least not in this area!

It is crucial for me to look at planning in several different segments:

1. Goal-setting or annual planning
2. Monthly planning
3. Weekly planning
4. Daily planning

I have found that the last two weeks of the year are an ideal time to review my Business Plan, revise it for the coming year, and then set goals based on the plan. I take those goals and develop steps to achieve them, and then break those steps down into tasks. I spread the tasks out over the year, and then break them down further into weekly and daily goals. Each time I break down a task, it is a smaller goal.

Whether you use an electronic calendar and to-do list or a printed calendar and write your to-do list, record it in some way. I am a firm believer in documenting my plan and list – or what I refer to as the plan of attack! Business plans, goal setting, and tasks are meaningless if a plan isn’t put in place and implemented. Where do you want to be at the end of 2013? How are you going to get there? How do you know if you arrived at your destination? You can’t answer these questions without documenting your plan and progress.

Once you have accomplished the planning, it is time to put it in list format to implement. Record your monthly goals in your monthly calendar. Break down those goals into weekly goals, and put them on Monday each week. Break down the weekly goals into tasks to be accomplished throughout the week. Record the daily tasks on the day you plan to accomplish them. At the end of each week, review the week. Take a moment to be proud of your accomplishments. Any tasks you weren’t able to address should be moved to the next week. Life happens, and you have to be flexible!

However you choose to handle this, be sure you keep it in a location that is easy to access and update. At the end of the year, you’ll want to review your Business Plan along with your documentation. This will make planning for the following year much less stressful and time-consuming.

Good luck as you get started on making this a productive, profitable year!

Choosing Your Payment Gateway

If you’re an online merchant, you should be aware of the need for you to choose an online payment gateway that will allow you to accept credit cards without compromising your customer’s safety and your own. Aside from being provided an efficient way of handling your income, this gateway should also be involved in making sure that all payments made to you will not be a subject of abuse by any malicious elements around the web. For this reason, you need to choose a provider that gives you the best service there is.

You will probably observe that there are many payment gateway services offering their services online. It does look like competition among these businesses is tough but as a potential client, what you need to do is simply to get a list of these providers and note down features that each of them have such as credit card processing fees, machines and terminals and the like. Then you can make comparisons before finally settling down on a choice which you think will be able to give you the highest level of service and security. In other words, research is your first move when looking out for a good payment gateway. Aside from looking up the names of these providers, you might also find it a good idea to get actual names of persons whom you may contact or approach in case you have questions or doubts about their services which you’re looking to avail of.

As you choose the provider that you believe is best for you, bear in mind the importance of shopping cart compatibility as you choose the right online payment system. For this, you’re going to need the involvement of your department before making any decisions. The staff member who has been handling your database and shopping cart will be in the best position to gauge which of the payment gateways you’re choosing from is actually compatible with your shopping cart. Nearly all payment gateways have a way of ensuring compatibility but it is always better not to take your chances. After all, what you’re after is choosing a gateway that will make things easier for you to handle your sales, not something that will complicate it further.

Nearly all payment gateways share the same features although for each gateway, a feature’s price may vary. Even so, it’s not advisable to immediately choose the provider that offers the cheapest price. In fact, there will be hidden costs that you’ll have to uncover. What you’ll actually need is a service that offers you the most efficient way of handling your bookkeeping and other related tasks as efficiently as possible.

Hope Is Not a Plan of Action

Every day the media continues to spew the doom and gloom on the state of the slowing global economy. Sadly the reaction by some entrepreneurs and companies is to lay low; to avoid investing in marketing or in training their staff; to do nothing about improving their business. They are paralyzed by fear and therefore take no action at all. In essence they are acting like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand, waiting out the proverbial storm to pass. And who knows when that will be.

Back in 2005 I owned a children’s wholesale apparel business. As we entered the second year of operation, times were tough and we struggled to find quality sales representatives and to sell our product. At the same time, I had a friend who was also a business owner who was experiencing challenges within her business. She and I would commiserate over email about how bad things were and how we hoped that we could find that magic bullet that would turn things around and we hoped that we would both have more customers, yadda, yadda, yadda. You get the idea.

One day I was watching an Oprah show where she was interviewing CNN Correspondent Anderson Cooper. In the interview Anderson was commenting on the expectations of the New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and how he was hoping that the Governor was going to help out more and hoping that the US President was going to do more. Then Anderson added that this was all well and good, but HOPE is not a plan of action.

Hearing him say those words, it was like someone had just hit me with a ‘reality check’ brick in the head. I realized that all the banter between my friend and I about how we were hoping that our businesses would improve was actually getting us nowhere. We were hoping and putting out head in the sand waiting for the storm to pass. We were so busy having a pity party hoping that things would get better that we were not taking any action. That’s when things started to turn around for me.

Fast forward to 2013 where there is high unemployment, rising cost of living costs and slow business growth. I learned my lesson in 2005 that if my business is to thrive, then I need to have a plan of action and to work that plan. I make a point to stay in forefront of my clients’ mind and to do the things that will grow my business and to do away with those things that don’t support my business growth.

So do you have a plan of action for 2013 or are you being an ostrich?

Enjoy the Magic of Winterfest in the Great Smoky Mountains

As the air begins to turn cold and the first tentative snow flurries dust the highest mountain peaks, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville, TN are busy preparing for a magical event. Miles of twinkling lights are strung, streets are draped in red and green, and everywhere people are bustling about, getting ready for Winterfest.

Beginning in early November, these quaint mountain villages are transformed into fairy kingdoms where everything glitters, music surrounds you, and treasured family memories are made. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway this winter, this family friendly celebration has something to offer everyone.

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

The holiday shopping season may not officially begin until Thanksgiving, but you’ll discover plenty of unique treasures in Pigeon Forge during Winterfest. Hundreds of talented artisans call the Great Smoky Mountains home, creating and selling magnificent works of art in nearly any medium you can imagine. Colorful quilts, exquisite jewelry, hand-turned bowls, and beautiful wood carvings are just a few of the crafts on display. Spend a day browsing in the shops along the world-famous Arts & Crafts Community Trail, and you’ll find the perfect gift for nearly everyone on your shopping list.

While any season is a good time to visit Pigeon Forge, Winterfest lets you see a side of the city you’ve never seen before. More than five million tiny lights turn the town into a fairytale kingdom. Hop aboard the Fun Time Trolley at dusk for a guided tour, and enjoy learning about the history while enjoying the sights. Everywhere you look, trees and storefronts are draped with glittering lights in celebration of the season. Grownups and kids alike will love the festive atmosphere and old-fashioned holiday spirit that blankets the town.

Family Friendly Christmas Shows

Kids of all ages will want to catch the spectacular Christmas show at Pigeon Forge’s Smoky Mountain Opry. A living nativity tells the story of the first Christmas, talented singers perform your favorite holiday music, and Santa makes an appearance with his reindeer. You can’t help but feel the spirit of Christmas after seeing this entertaining show.

Everyone Loves a Parade

Gatlinburg and Sevierville both kick off the season with their much-anticipated Christmas parades. Make plans to be in downtown Gatlinburg on December 7, 2012 for the Fantasy of Lights Parade. This spectacular event begins at 7:30pm and features a dozen marching bands, more than 100 floats, and giant helium balloons to delight the 80,000 spectators who will line the parade route.

In Sevierville, Santa himself steals the show at the 50th annual Christmas Parade on December 1, 2012. Bands, baton twirlers, pageant winners, and plenty of floats take to the streets of this historic village to celebrate the season with a good old-fashioned hometown parade.

Too often, the hustle and bustle of the season means we don’t take time to truly enjoy it with family and friends. This year, savor the hospitality and beauty of small-town holiday celebrations, and make some Christmas memories your kids will remember for a lifetime.

Usefulness of Quality Product Label Printing

The market has more products for sale than ever before. Mankind is ingenious in designing and inventing new products that can be marketed for sale. Hence, with some creative advertising and marketing strategies, the public clamor for such products as soon as they come off the production line.

New or current products need to be properly labeled for the consumers’ benefit. There can be adverse effects with poorly labeled or non-labeled products. Risks on health are important side effects which one must prevent; hence, there are laws in most countries that insist on proper and accurate labels on all marketed products.

Printing services

There are many professional product label printing companies in the industry that can produce quality labels for any product that would comply fully with the local and international authority’s label requirements.

These printing companies should be reputable and experienced in generating the desired labels for any product on the market. Some printing companies are specifically known as commercial label printers where they specialize in printing labels for commercial products only. There is a wide range of commercial products that require proper labels before they can be put on the market.

Product label printing companies enjoy a brisk business if they have the right tools, equipment and expertise. Some may require very large printing machinery while others suffice well with medium and light printers as they capitalize on modern technology that brings on new and more efficient printing resources.


All commercial and industrial manufacturers require product labels. Customized product label printing is common today with every company wanting unique, quality product labels to have their products stand out above their competition. Additionally, some product labels have to withstand heat, cold or freezing temperatures. They have to adhere to containers in a wet environment and provide critical information about how to safely handle and use the contents of the packaging. In each case, a professional and experienced flexo printing company has the expertise to produce these labels.

High quality product labels are needed on bottles, cosmetic boxes, cookie jars and food containers as well as recycle bags, shopping bags, gift boxes, wine bottles, plastic containers and many others. Beauty products are especially indulgent on high quality labels, which offer a classy and professional look to entice buyers. These include cosmetics, fragrances, hair products, lotions, shampoos, creams, gels and soap products which require correct and attractive labels to boost sales.


Product label printing is an art and skill with which only the best in the industry would gain the trust of consumers, manufacturers and designers of products. Only the best printing technologies and resources should be considered to produce high quality product labels. Hence, top quality printing methods such as web offset and flexographic printing options are employed.

Custom Retails Displays at a Glance

A retail display is a fixture that is used for displaying products in a well-organized, yet creative manner. Custom retail store and fixtures are a step ahead of the standard retail displays and are manufactured according to the needs of your business. With the retail sector growing more competitive with every passing year, it has become imperative for sellers to use eye-catching tactics that translate into a tangible purchase decision.

These products can take your marketing campaign to a whole new level. However, the best are ones that are subtle, and allow the product to talk.

Functions of retail displays

They are more than just a vehicle for you to present your product to your customer. They can serve several other purposes such as:

Creating a customer-friendly floor layout

Segregating your products and demarcating different areas for them

Increasing footfall by enhancing the appeal of your retail space

Acting as a salesperson by carrying product literature and other good-to-know details about your brand or product

Types of custom retail displays

The types are only limited to one’s imagination. However, these can be divided into a few broad categories. Here are some of the types of displays commonly used in the retail sector:

Merchandise and accessory:These are used for displaying apparel, footwear, accessories, and other merchandise. They can be manufactured using different materials such as acrylic, glass, plastics, wood, and even metal.

Grocery: This category would comprise fruit and vegetable baskets, bread racks, bakery cases, and modular free-standing displays. They help your perishable food items grab the attention of consumers almost instantly and facilitate rapid sales.

Stationery: From CDs and books to writing instruments to files and folders, this particular class of displays can be used for adding a touch of elegance to any stationery store. There are several different materials used in the manufacture of such displays.

Electronic: The burgeoning electronics market requires high-tech displays. Such custom retail store are typically used for showcasing televisions, iPads, mobile phones, and other electronic items.

General retail: In addition to the categories mentioned above, there is a myriad of merchandise that is displayed using various solutions. They could be used for displaying promotional posters, mall signs, brochure holders, visiting card drop-boxes, and so on.

Regardless of the display solution that you choose, it is important to ensure that only the best quality materials are used in the displays. A shabby looking fixture could lower the brand value and perception of your product. Besides the quality factor, the cost factor of custom retail displays needs to be taken into consideration too. Procuring displays at competitive rates helps you add to your overall profitability.

Essentials of Efficient Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce web hosting is a specialized service provided by hosting providers to companies for selling their goods and services online. The hosting provider is responsible for enabling the company it is serving to get all it needs. It includes a web server, web design and capability for accepting, processing and confirming sales.

Some of the specialized services and processes enabled by an efficient ecommerce hosting provider include:

  • Templates for online goods catalogue
  • Online software for customized shopping application, also known as shopping carts
  • Capabilities for recording customer orders
  • Arrangement for safe purchases with credit card
  • Tools for keeping tabs on inventory

How web hosting for ecommerce works

A company whose decision makers have decided to adopt online shopping need to enter into a contract of sorts with the ecommerce hosting provider. You can decide between sharing server space provided by the hosting company or have a server dedicated to your website. This is based on requirements of your business, visitor traffic, magnitude of sales and some other factors.

A very important task that the hosting providers accomplish for the company they are serving is to set up their online merchant account. This enables the companies to process credit card transactions through VISA, MasterCard and other establishments. You need to find a company that is fully adept in providing cost-effective solutions for your enterprise. Be it a small or medium-sized company with limited operations or large-scale company with revenues soaring in millions, the experienced and capable hosting providers can enable economic operations for them.

Some of the online applications used for ecommerce include Zen Cart, cubecart, osCommerce, cPanel, MySQL, Perl and PHP scripting language. Make sure you spell out your requirements clearly to the hosting provider so that they suggest the ideal mix of these services for fulfilling your needs. You also need to find out about the free services that are available before hiring the services. Some of these can be:

  • WordPress Blogs
  • Photo albums
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Social networking

You can get a lot more of these free services but for efficient operations, you need to ensure that the provider gives you 99.99 % uptime, 24×7 technical support, and a money back guarantee if you find that the services are not up to the mark.

Having known the essentials of efficient ecommerce hosting, you can now look to pick the most capable service provider. Make sure you do not miss out on anything important discussed here.