How Will You Combine Fun With Business Benefits in 2013?

As most of you are likely busy planning and strategizing for 2013, I want to plant an idea. When you think about offshoring, your first idea will likely be ‘ah, low costs’. But is this really the case and is it the most important reason for putting offshoring or nearshoring on your agenda for 2013?

Three weeks back I visited our Indian office together with one of our customers. We had a great time and thanks to the flights and shared hotel, we discussed a lot. One of the main things he mentioned is that actually, offshoring is not about costs. The thing he couldn’t see clearly before they started working with us (he said he choose us because we have a good story J), is that the benefits for him are not (only) costs. Although it is cheaper to hire someone from India, there are three things that strike him.

First of all, he gets highly talented programmers, which are hard to come across in the Netherlands. He had plenty of time to speak with Hari, his main php programmer and realized that he’s a smart guy. Sometimes, doing all the works through skype on a distance, makes us overlook this fact. Communication barriers block us from seeing the real value in the person, so meeting up in personal is essential for longer term success.

Secondly, he’s got a flexibility that he’d never get with employees locally. Now this flexibility may differ per supplier, but in general it is much easier to stop a contract with our offshore developer than it is with a local employee. Connected to this is the third aspect, scalability. This client is launching a new software product. Investment in the beginning has to be modest, but once it starts picking up, he needs more developers to scale. In India it’s a lot easier to find developers than in the Netherlands, so we could ramp up the team within short notice.

Those are the business motives. The last motive that I think is sometimes overlooked: it’s fun. Most people like travelling, meeting people from other countries, exploring new territories. We do this every year going on vacations. So why not combine business with the nicer aspects of life? The time I spent with my customer in India was great as if I went on holidays with a friend. They also enjoyed India and were inspired by the possibilities and movement of India.

I would suggest you put offshoring on your agenda for 2013 and give it a try! Start with one or two programmers that you select yourself, get experience in building the right global communication routines and extend the team once you see that it works for you.

Tips When Buying Pawn Shop Jewelry

You can get some great bargains when purchasing jewelry at a pawn shop. Most retail stores mark up the wholesale price as much as 300 percent. While a pawnshop purchases below wholesale so even though they must mark up the price to make a profit and stay in business, you’re bound to find some great deals. However, there are some tips that will help you get the best bargain and avoid spending too much when you purchase.

Do your homework before you even begin to look for jewelry. Go to the Internet or local retail stores to find similar jewelry to what you’d like. Make sure you take note of the gold content and the type of stone, checking also the clarity and quality of the stone. It should be possible to get a fair idea of how much you can expect to pay and whether you’d save money purchasing the item at a pawn shop.

Make sure you deal with a reputable pawn broker too. Investigate the background by searching for links that either praise the broker for their honesty or rip them to shreds for the opposite attribute. You’ll find you can avoid many problems if you research the integrity of the broker first. Ask about returning the item to see how liberal the return policy is and whether there’s a guarantee of authenticity form the Gemological Institute of America-GIA or the European counterpart the EGL. The report guarantees the four C’s-clarity, cut, carat weight and color- important factors in the cost of a diamond.

Ask for information on the metal used to create the jewelry and see if the pawn shop guarantees the quality of the metal. Silver is the least expensive then 18K gold and finally pt950 platinum (95 percent platinum).

Work on your negotiation skills before you enter the shop. Most prices at pawn shops aren’t set in stone and you can negotiate a better price if you try. Set a ceiling for the amount you’ll pay and stick to it. Taking cash along and leaving debit and credit cards at home might help your negotiations and guarantee you won’t pay more than you decided originally.

Always read the fine print of any guarantee and all the paperwork before you hand over the cash, particularly if you can’t return the item. You might find some fine print you simply can’t live with, such as a guarantee that’s invalid the minute you walk out the door. It’s wise to take your time and you’ll find you’ll end up making a far better purchase with preplanning and reading everything before you buy.

The Two-Fold Binary Option Strategies

For those of us who are new comers in the stock exchange or the brokerage field and are somewhat in a state of confusion, we are going to discuss the engulfing as well as non-engulfing aspects of binary option strategies.

The foremost advice is not to misspend your money unless you have a proper comprehension about the tricks of the trade. In case you want to utilize the Simple Balanced System, you should have a clear-cut understanding of the indicators used in the system and how to use them for binary options.

The Simple Balanced System: It is a scheme of the Forex system of trading. It encompasses some indicators such as Exponential Moving Averages,one with a period of 5 hence written as5EMA, and the other with a period of 10 hence written as10EMA, The Stochastic Indicator with settings of 14,3,3),The RSI or The relative strength index. The latter is a non-theoretical gauge utilized for the assay of monetary business.

The Scheme Of Revocation: The speculation behind this scheme is that no resource will ever continue to rise or fall for an unlimited time period and it surely would be reverting back to its original valuation at some point of time from where it started off. This scheme is good for those businessmen who desire confirmed concrete consequences from their investment being risked.

Hedging is amongst those binary option strategies that are used in checking the likeliness of forfeiture from instability in the prices of articles and products of merchandize, cash, coinage or other mediums of exchange. In short, it is a relocation of hazards, short of financial protection schedules. Utilization of this scheme simply means that the investor is looking after the profit on his fund, by consenting to subsidized profits, prior to the time of termination.

Twice Trading: This is a scheme that gives a sheltered place to the merchandisers, to purchase more resources and securities, in cases when the former foresee that the reserves possessed by him previously, are agreeably benefiting him.

The Scheme Of Being Undecided About: This strategy is such that gives returns, when the rewards build up discernibly.

Prior to categorizing the binary options brokers as swindles or fraudulent, one should understand that this is not so in reality. Binary options as such, are unembellished, easy to do trading appliances that require wisdom and strategy to yield very high rebounds in a short span of time. All one needs is, to understand the difference between dependable binary options brokers and those who are not so.

Using Facebook For Business: Networking As a Marketing Tool

Because the social networking giant receives such an absurd amount of internet traffic, using Facebook for business is a must. Even if you’ve never incorporated social media into your marketing or business efforts, you are probably familiar with Facebook itself. Although Facebook is predominantly considered to be a social tool, using the platform properly can do wonders for your business. If you read this article in its entirety, I will explain exactly why using Facebook for business can be so beneficial.

Busy, Busy, Busy

In order to understand why Facebook can be such a powerful marketing tool, we have to consider how broad the website’s audience is. A few months ago, the head honchos at Facebook announced that they were now receiving over 1 billion monthly visitors to their domain. That is obviously an astonishingly high number. This statistic alone makes Facebook one of the mot advantageous marketing platforms online; that is, of course, if you utilize the social network appropriately.

There are both free and paid ways to promote a business on Facebook. The most popular paid method is pay-per-click advertisements. These are the ads that are ran on your sidebar when you are on your personal Facebook account. As you may have noticed, these ads tend to be relevant to your interests. Facebook’s new graph search capability can help you target your audience with impressive accuracy. As I mentioned before, using Facebook for business can be free as well. Creating a fan page and becoming involved with the online community can do wonders for your business’s exposure.

Networking is Powerful

Unless you’re living under a rock or consider yourself a rebel, you probably have a Facebook account. It seems that everyone these days has a presence on social media platforms. Among the website’s billion plus monthly visitors are plenty of people who are interested in whatever it is you have to offer. By learning to target these people, you can share information, sales, and more with them. Most people check their Facebook page multiple times a day. Why not advertise to these people for free?

Create a Fanpage

If you plan on using Facebook for Business, it is definitely in your best interest to create a Facebook Fanpage. This is how you will build your following. As a general rule of thumb, the more fans the better. Anyone who follows your fan page will see any updates you post. This allows you stay in touch with your current clients base as well as expand it.

Offering coupons, deals, and promotions are great ways to increase your Facebook audience. You should also focus on providing informative and entertaining content. Facebook users are likely to hide or block you if your just slamming them with advertisements. Remember that a successful and long-lasting business thrives off of the exchange of value. If you consistently provide value when using Facebook for business, you are more likely to receive monetary value in exchange. If you’re not using Facebook for business in 2013, you’re hurting yourself!

Adapt Latest Tech Trends for Business Growth in 2013

Stepping onto the online platform has become a phenomenon for small to big businesses. They are spending substantial amount on IT strategies to entice maximum target market. While you are planning to remodel your own strategy, you must know the latest trends of 2013 that will help you to augment your business output.

Here under are top five trends that can give your business enterprise a push it needs to outperform the competitors this year:

1. Pinterest: Leaving behind Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has become a powerful social platform to generate genuine traffic. Many businesses have added Pinterest links along with their Facebook and Twitter handles in email signatures. You can take advantage of this new social graph to make your social presence stronger in 2013.

2. Google Analytics: One of the favorite analytic tools, Google Analytics is integrated with different products to track the sales performance of your website, most visited areas, page views etc. By integrating your website with analytics, you can track daily performance and make amendments accordingly.

3. Touch Products: A simple touch on a mobile device is making our lives happier and simpler. Whether you trust on a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, you will successfully perform routine office tasks in no time. These products are backed by robust operating systems that add functionality to your touch device.

4. Android-based Devices: Be it a smartphone or a tablet, Android is capturing the mobile computing market like a storm. The overall sales of Android-based phones have substantially gone up and new applications are being released on this platform rapidly. The recent launch of Samsung Galaxy series powered by Android is undoubtedly a superior product with great features and technology.

5. Screen Resolution: Better use of screen resolution in computers, tablets and phones are providing the most extraordinary experience to its users. This, in turn, is enhancing employees’ performance as they complaint less of eye fatigue.

It’s right time to adapt these technology trends in your business processes so as to give a tough competition to your rivals.

So, while you are revamping your website, you must ensure compatibility of your website with web and mobile browsers. One of the best ways is to develop a responsive website that has user-friendly interface and takes less loading time.

By making your business IT efficient in 2013, you would improve your future prospects and open doors for new business opportunities.

Why Mobile Storage Is the Comfortable Solution When Packing

A lot of us do not look forward to packing when we have to move from one place to another because it is a stressful exercise. Unfortunately, we have to experience it at various times in our lifetime, either when shifting homes or businesses. It is a very demanding task since all personal belongings and important items must be properly and securely packed in an organized manner so that no item is lost or left behind. But the advent of mobile storage has changed the whole situation making it now easier to move stuffs from one place to another.

Mobile storage units are large storage containers of different sizes and materials with many of them having a dimension of 8 inch by 5 inch by 7 inch. They can store up to 2,000 pounds of items which is corresponding to 1 room of furniture or 50 banker boxes for files. In addition to this, they can be delivered to your doorstep and you have the opportunity of choosing any size of your choice that will contain all your personal effects. You can also choose one with the right size that can fit into your garage so that your loading can be done with great ease. You don’t need to spend extra money on cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, duct tape, cartons and other common packing materials since all your goods will be well kept in the storage unit.

Furthermore, your things are safe and intact giving no room for dust, pests and other dangerous intrusion, thereby giving you the assurance of orderly and neat items for the period of storage. You are also not under pressure to load your belongings because the storage unit is yours during the period of rentage and you can take your time in loading it. You also have the opportunity of transporting your personal effects in the storage unit to a destination of your choice and you can decide to keep it in the storage facility provided by your storage company.

Mobile storage units give you the chance to save a lot of time and money you would have spent in going about to arrange for packing when the need to move from one place to another arises. You are only made to pay for monthly rental for the unit which leaves extra bucks in your wallet. With many flexible storage plans to choose for, your quest for an appropriate storage medium for your stuffs while packing is definitely over.

An Ethical Question on Tourism Documentary Film Making

The other day, I was looking over some economic development brochures, DVDs, videos, and marketing propaganda to increase tourism in the area. Now then, I am pretty well-versed about what is going on in the region, I’ve been to all the sites, and I have seen all the sounds. I know what’s good, what isn’t, what is awesome, and what is rather underwhelming. You see, as an entrepreneur in business I’ve learned a lot over the years, one thing I’ve learned is that you need to over deliver on your promise, that’s how you turn regular customers into evangelical referral clients. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

What I found was that the economic development association in conjunction with some of the local city chambers of commerce had absolutely over embellished the quality of many of the tourist locations in the area. Why did they do that I wondered? The area is plenty good enough without trying to capture the perfect picture, or use big additives and marketing words to promote the region. It was akin to the challenges with questionable real estate professional photo-shopping pictures of properties, only to have the buyer later look at the actual building and location and see that they were duped, that things weren’t as rosy as the picture.

Tricking tourists into thinking something is nicer than it is, is not only unprofessional, I’d say it is ethical. Nevertheless, it seems as if economic development associations and chambers of commerce, even the tourist bureaus are always trying to hire the best and brightest marketing professionals and public relations firms. They want to hire the best filmmaking crews to produce these incredible DVDs, videos, and pictures. They then place these pictures and propaganda in various media forms and mediums.

When they finally lure the terrorists in, they hit them with the standard tourist trap strategies, keeping them confined in a little area where the prices are too high, the food isn’t that great, and the sights and sounds are exactly what they’d been promised. There’s no better way to ruin what would have been a positive experience. When doing this, you will not get referrals, people won’t tell their friends, and you can only burn everyone once. That my friends is the wrong way to play it, it’s unethical, immoral, and it hardly wins friends, influences people, or causes “liked” votes on Facebook.

If you are a filmmaker and you are asked to do this, you need to hold short. Sure, you should use the best lighting and get the most interesting shots, but you shouldn’t spend hours in the editing room dressing it up to something that it isn’t. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

The Applications of 3D Engraving

An innovation in the world of art and design, 3D engraving is a modern technique used to create sculptures. The art is becoming more popular and increasingly specialised with companies priding themselves on their innovative designs and professional service.

There are several reasons you may decide on a 3D engraving. It may be a representation of what your business is about; it may be a logo or sculpture for your office; perhaps you would like to create gifts for your staff in the form of paperweights, plaques or personalised models; or simply it could be that you would like to buy a special gift for a loved one. The possibilities of 3D engraving are endless and once the design has been created the process is relatively simple. The designs are generally created for engraving on glass or crystal.

The Service

The process begins with the client providing a 2D image of what they would like to be modelled. It is very useful if more than one image is provided. It makes the design process much easier if the designer has access to as many images as possible, showing the subject from all angles. The whole idea of transforming an image into three dimensions is to create texture and shape and the designers are skilled in achieving this with the utmost accuracy. Shadow, light, aspect and expression are also important components to be considered.

The teams of artists involved in designing are very talented and professionally trained so if you only have a single image of your subject it can still be worked on. Even a simple painting or sketch can be brought to life in a 3D engraving. The design is actually created using high technology software. Based on a mathematical system of linking points in an image the design is transformed from 2D into a life like model.

Consultation and communication with the client is maintained throughout the process so that changes can be made as necessary and the client is happy with the progress before the model is actually engraved. Glass and crystal are perfect mediums for engraving as they are resilient while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal. If taken care of, the model will be something to treasure for many years to come.

With an increasing market, the need to improve design skill and technology is growing fast. Many teams of artists believe it is important to work closely with the engravers themselves so that every aspect of the process can be effectuated as accurately as possible. This cohesive working partnership is important in creating the best final product possible.

Often companies provide a portfolio of ideas for clients to choose from and these may include, for example, animals, flowers, portraits or symbols. Designing your own 3D engraving, however, with the help of the experts, can be very rewarding and means you have an individual piece of art to treasure.