GoPro Vs Intova: Which Company’s Camera Is Rugged?

GoPro revolutionized sports photography and videography when the company introduced its Hero line of cameras in the market. These rugged cameras make it possible to film the action up close, instantly making them a favorite with sports and outdoor enthusiasts. However, competitors are rising up to challenge its dominance in this sector. One of them is Hawaii-based Intova, an electronics firm which makes everything from cameras to outdoor gear. Both businesses were started by sportspersons but the ways in which they approach sports photography differ slightly.


Perhaps the most noticeable distinction between the two companies is pricing. Intova makes it a point to make their products affordable and offers its flagship product, the Sport Pro HD, at a significantly lower price point compared to the GoPro Hero 2. It should be noted that the Intova camera includes a built-in waterproof housing while the GoPro model does not, which means additional expenses for the underwater accessory. This may be remedied by using a GoPro coupon during purchase.


Both offer 1080p HD video mode, 60m of depth for underwater shooting, and wide angle lenses. GoPro cameras go up to 170-degrees with medium and narrow shooting modes, allowing greater flexibility. They use SD card for storage and feature a simple monochrome LCD screen as user interface. Meanwhile, the Intova offering has a fixed 140-degree view, uses slower, albeit more compact micro SD cards, and has a 1.5″ color LCD that acts as viewfinder and playback monitor. Since the camera is built into the housing for enhanced durability, it cannot be removed completely by the user. It uses a standard 1/4″ inch tripod thread so compatible accessories should not be hard to find.


GoPro is the hands down winner when it comes to quality as their cameras use larger sensors for better detail and can capture up to 60 frames per second for excellent tracking shots, making them suitable for professional use. However, Intova is no slouch either as their Sport HD takes decent shots both underwater and on land. The output quality should fully satisfy outdoor enthusiasts who would like the ability to document their own adventures.


GoPro and Intova offer similarly compelling products that add a new dimension to sports and adventures. The former seems to be targeted more towards those who seek professional quality and do not mind the steep price. On the other hand, the latter makes a low-cost yet innovative sports camera for hobbyists and serious enthusiasts.

Perfectly Alright With Being Imperfect

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection” ~ George Orwell

Why are we so hard on ourselves for being imperfect? As a society we have set such high standards for ourselves and have had such high standards set for us, that half the time we can’t see how unattainable they are. This happens in all aspects of life:

You see it in the business man that works long after his children have gone to bed just to finish the projects given to him.

You see it in the teenager that compares herself to super models, vowing that she will get plastic surgery as soon as she is 18.

You see it in the student that is terrified to bring home a report card knowing that his parents will be disappointed despite his best efforts.

You see it in the housewife that thinks she has to do it all for her family, taking no time for herself.

Here is the lesson I am learning. I am not perfect, nor am I expected to be. I am learning to accept this fact and to be kinder to myself in the meantime. Because I am learning to be kinder to myself I am also learning to be kinder to others as well. And in this kindness I am learning to be less judgmental and more at peace.

Nobody is perfect so how can we expect ourselves or others to be. Find that kindness within yourself, because if you can’t find that kindness how can you find it for others?

7 Steps to an Organized Computer

The inability to find a document, a photo or a piece of music can be a frustration as well as a time waster. When we set out to find something, it’s our plan to find that something in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Setting up the computer properly can make things much easier to find.

1. When organizing a computer, you will want to start with broad, overall categories. On my computer they are; “My Documents”, “My Pictures” and “My Music”. I use a PC.

2. Under “My Documents”, begin by setting up Main Folders and Sub Folders. You do this by right clicking on the Main folder, select New Folder and then type in what you want to call the new folder.

Main Folders and Sub Folders will look something like this. (if you would like things to appear in an order other than alphabetical, put a number or character in front of the word)

Business (main heading)

  • Admin (sub heading)
  • Financial (sub heading)
  • Legal (sub heading)
  • Marketing (sub heading)

Current Projects (main heading)

  • Project 1(sub)
  • Project 2 (sub)
  • Personal (sub)

Current Projects (main)

  • Project 1 (sub)
  • Project 2 (sub)


  • Member 1
  • Member 2


  • Bill paying
  • Inventory

Archives (make sure categories you place here match the categories you have used in the current section)

3. Under “My Music” you are going to want to create some music categories. There are several ways you can set up your music section. Some examples may be…

By artist

  • Van Halen
  • The Beatles
  • Elvis

By genre

  • Classical
  • Rock and Roll
  • Hip Hop

By mood

  • Dance
  • Party
  • Romantic

4. Under “My Pictures” there are several ways you could go.

By person

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Daughter
  • Son

By event

  • Disneyland
  • Birthday
  • Vacation to Beach

By date (this will be the hardest to search by unless you are great with remembering dates)

5. Now it’s time to take some time and do a little (or a lot) of deleting.

Delete all unnecessary and outdated documents.

Delete photos of people you don’t know, blurry photos and duplicates.

Delete music that you no longer are interested in.

6. Archive those documents that you still need but don’t use on a regular basis. For example, past tax documents, bank statements, credit card statements, etc.

7. Don’t forget the Desktop. Clean it up! Keep only things on here that you need quick access to. For example, an icon that takes you to My Documents will be a quick way to get to your documents. Do the same with Pictures and Music, and anything else you use on a regular basis.

Get started today. Start with your most current work. Set up folders for the new documents you create, the new photos you take and the new music you download.

As for the older items, the things that have lived on your computer for quite some time, either set aside a small amount of time each day to get organized or set aside a large chunk of time and take care of it all at once.

Do what feels most comfortable for you to get the best outcome.

Importance of an Online Payment Gateway

What is Payment Gateway?

It is a point in the network or a service provider that allows internet users to enter into other networks and pay online for their purchases from online stores via websites.

It is similar to POS as presented in the physical shops. POS is Point Of Sale which is a terminal being found at each and every retail shop made up of bricks. This service is provided by various banks like Citibank etc.

The main issue concerned with Payment Gateway is Security i.e. encrypting the crucial and sensitive credit card details like credit card numbers of the shopper and sending the same from shopper to merchant and from merchant to payment processor.

The linking of an online shopping store with gateway is called Payment Gateway Integration.

Procedure of Payment Gateway:

• The customer after shopping submits the order and the same is sent in an encrypted form to the merchant’s web server. The SSL encryption takes place in which there is assurance of secure data transmission.
• The same is then sent to Gateway.
• These transaction details are then passed to merchant’s acquiring bank.
• The acquiring banks then send the details to issuing bank i.e. the bank that has issued credit card to the customer.
• After receiving the details, issuing bank sends the response to the online gateway that whether the payment has been accepted or not. If not accepted, the reason is also sent in the response.
• The same is then passed to gateway and hence to the merchant’s server.
• The response is finally sent to customer in an encrypted form to intimate the customer whether his order has been placed successfully or not.
• At the end, the issuing bank deposits the money in the account of merchant.

Why Online Payment Gateway is needed?

• It is an essential part as without this, payment of goods and services purchased online cannot be made.
• It augments the use of E-Commerce i.e. buying and selling of goods via internet.


• Save in time and effort spent while standing in queues for making payment.
• The person can do the online payment anytime and from anywhere. There is the requirement of computer, internet connection and the credit card.
• Automatic tax calculation before making the transaction.


• Security threats by hackers.
• Breakdown of internet connection or computer.

Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever!

There are many today who are worried. They worry about the economy of the world or of their country.

Some are worried that they’ve missed the opportunity succeed online, or that they don’t have what it takes.

Many have suffered so much disappointment that they fear they won’t be able to rise above it all and really learn to make a living online.

For all of them, and for you and me too, I have an important message today.

2013 can be your best year ever!

Whether you are struggling to make your first dollar online, or whether you have an online business that provides more income than you can spend, 2013 presents unique and stunning opportunity for you.

I believe there are four keys to making 2013 your best year ever, and will cover the first today.

The first key is mindset – you must believe before you can achieve

I’m not a huge “law of attraction” guy but I do know this… fear is the enemy. Negative thinking must be banished and overcome.

You really do get what you think about, although thinking alone is not enough.

If you are worried that the door of success is closed – that the opportunity to make money online has passed you by, please realize…

There is NO reason success can’t happen for you too.

When it comes to succeeding online, one quality is needed…

The ability to take action and to believe for a good outcome.

It does not take special skills, although some skills will be required.

It does not take a huge budget, although having more money to work with is better than less.

It does not take a Herculean effort, although you will need to commit to work hard and the hours will sometimes be long.

To ready yourself – starting today begin saying only good things about yourself.

Banish from your external and internal vocabulary (words and thoughts) any hint of you not being good enough, of being “dumb” or “slow” or anything like that.

Flatly reject the idea that others deserve success but you somehow don’t, that what works for others will not work for you too.

If you need help with this see Zig Ziglar’s site and immediately read the book “Born to Win.”

Zig Ziglar said…

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

Please notice that being born is not enough. We have to add the ability and willingness to plan, prepare and expect.

The second key is a commitment to quality.

In the next article we will continue by looking at how you can commit to quality and rise above the limitations that currently hold you back.

Finding a Unique Gift for Your Loved One

Finding a gift for someone who seems to have everything may seem like a nearly impossible feat, whether it’s for an upcoming birthday or holiday. Oftentimes, you would rather not to resort to a gift card or money, as it seems somewhat impersonal and you’d really like to get them something special. The trick to finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member is finding something unique – you want to ensure that they don’t already have it and won’t be receiving it from somebody else but it’s special enough to truly remember.

For the writer

Whether you know a writer, business person, or simply someone with a desk job, you know that they are consistently scribbling on notepads and post-it notes. Give them something unique to brighten up their day when their taking notes with a customized notebook or notepad. Whether you choose a monogram or another unique image, you can ensure a special gift for your loved one.

For the art-lover

Most people have a decent appreciation for artwork so whether it’s something to hang up in their home or around the office, limited edition art prints can make a great unique gift. By opting for a limited edition print, you make the gift even more special while also ensuring that they don’t already have it and decrease the likelihood that someone else has thought to buy them the same item.

For the interior decorator

Do you know someone who seems to be incessantly decorating and re-decorating their home? Do you know a new home-owner or a student moving into their first dorm room or apartment? Gifts for the home are a broad category so narrow it down by room and consider their home and hobbies. For example, if he or she loves cooking, you might want to consider a new appliance or a nice wine rack or something else they could use. Browse online and see if there are any throw pillows or photo frames that strike you.

Finding a unique gift for your loved one doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it a fun search by keeping your options open and browsing the web in your free time – don’t wait until the last minute so you have to scramble to find something suitable. Consider their hobbies and what makes a gift unique. Your loved one is sure to be appreciative and thankful of any gift that comes from the heart.

If There Is One Thing to Do in 2013, It’s Doing It Right

As the world turns to face yet another year, its only natural to reflect on the progress made in the last twelve months. Maybe the year started with the best intentions, only to have a eurozone shaped bomb drop on your business aspirations. Or maybe you’re one of the few that have actually squeezed a profit out of an otherwise hostile economy.

Whatever the fate of your business plan, the cold hard truth is that for many, times are hard. Banks won’t lend, customers won’t buy. To make things even more frustrating, everything seems to be going digital, and the pixels just don’t feel as friendly as the pen and paper you’re so familiar with. Its cold, its dark, and the future looks as unlikely as George Osborne handing out fivers in a dole que. You start to notice that your bank manager doesn’t seem to smile at you anymore, you want to go back to 2006 when a bailout was something you did to a boat.

Things look bad, then you realise something. You realise that its a new year, you realise that things can get better, you realise that 2013 is going to be the year that it all changed.

If you are the sort of person to have the ambition and drive to run your own business then you are indeed one of the lucky ones. The romantic ideal of being your own boss is something that many aspire to achieve, yet the truth is that the devil is in the detail. Yes it may be fulfilling, and yes things might be going great thank you very much, but that constant, irritating, niggly reality is that you wish you had more time to do what you do best. Flower arranger, clothes designer, bricklayer, butcher, baker or a self-employed candlestick maker. Whatever your profession, whatever your business plan, you know that you would thrive if you could just put down the abacus, and hand over the tax return to someone else.

The key here is delegation, there is no shame in admitting defeat when it comes to the accounts. Its a skill set, it requires training and techniques and a natural flair for numbers and organisation. This is a characteristic that many do not possess, and that’s fine. What’s more is that it can be destructively time consuming.

For anyone who has let 2012 bog them down in paperwork and number crunching, there should only be one new years resolution, and that should be to get involved again. Get hands on, do what you do best, and what your business depends on. Innovate, interact with your staff or contacts, develop your products. Don’t spend time counting receipts and tax deductible biros, spend your time protecting your business against the turbulent uncertainty of 2013. Growth is timid these days, and its going to be a rough ride.