Internet Marketing Is Catching Most Customers For Companies

Marketing is the technique which is applied to increase the number of customers of a company. The main objective of that technique is to make more and more people aware of a product or service availability under the name of a specific company. The people are now a day using internet as an activity which has become part of their daily routine. The biggest advantage of that facility is that it is available everywhere at homes, offices and even in mobiles. So it is rather more advantageous to use that medium for projection of the company product either a service or an article.

The people having access to that facility are increasing in number every day as it is a source of unlimited information about every topic. There are many ways to attract more and more people to visit the site of a company. The basic difference in these ways that make them fall in two different categories could be described as one for which a company have to pay for advertisement and the other is free of cost. Simply people jump to opt for the free method of marketing but it require expertise or professional work of skilled persons.

Earlier it was taken for granted to consolidate online presence of a company and the website of the company is considered enough. But now it has become an obligation to strengthen not only the presence but also the sources that bring more traffic to the site for the survival of the company. The vast online market which is growing every day can not be ignored for the survival of the companies in the global market. Millions of the people buy and purchase online around the world. So when a company is planning for its publicizing online it keeps the wide scope of that source and its impact on its business.

The sphere which is addressed through online marketing is bigger than any other market. Similarly the results are of greater impact to financial gains of a company. So the design of the website must be user friendly and the content of the site should be clear and easy to understand which may not mislead the visitor. The content must be arranged in a manner that targets the potential customers of a specific product. There could be many techniques to raise the level of traffic to a web page but the results are not guaranteed unless the site serves the visitors’ interest in the best possible manner. So the organization of the web page should be given utmost importance when it is built to introduce the company and its services or products to the people visiting it.

Financial Literacy Strategy

With the raising interest in financial education due to the economic recession felt across the world there has been an increase in financial awareness as well as Federal and State programs designed to help with providing education.

On the Federal level Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act also referred to Dodd-Frank Act. As a result of this Act the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was set up as the watch dog organization overseeing the implementation of the Acts policies.

Part of the responsibility of the CFPB is to promote financial education through what’s called Consumer Engagement & Education groups. The CFPB works with these groups all across the country spreading the good news of financial literacy.

Why Financial Literacy Strategy is important

The President’s Advisory Council defines financial literacy as “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”

According to Ron Lewis; Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement.

Certainly if we examine the statistics with regard to the financial well-being of individuals in this country we see some very alarming numbers that seem to indicate a drastic need for educational strategy across all age groups and genders regarding finances.

For many years we have looked to our education system to help provide a financial literacy strategy for our youth. This system has not provided nor meets our expectations in this area and we must devise a plan to introduce this concept to all age groups in this country to help assure their financial future and well-being.

Community involvement in Financial Literacy Strategy

In order to educate people of the importance of this skill we must have at a local level educational groups and programs that are easily accessible by the public providing fundamental training that addresses the masses not just the wealthy.

Church’s and local clubs are a great resource outreach to the community that can have a major impact. It is also necessary for small, medium and large business to support these organizations along with providing employee programs.

Financial literacy training can not only benefit the individual but as well the country as a whole. The hard cold truth is we have an economy that is fueled by consumer spending and debt. The key is to have a balance so that you have a chance at financial success. A financial literacy strategy is directly related to that success.

What an SEO Article Writing Service Entails

Due to the extensive nature of Internet penetration, there has arisen a need to market products and services through articles. Thousands of them are written and published every day in different forums. However, there is a slight problem. The articles you write cannot have any effect unless they attract the attention of search engines. No matter how well you write, if you do not know about how to prepare articles for online publishing, your work is all in vain. SEO article writing service can change all that.

The words “search engine” feature prominently in Internet marketing. What exactly are they? In simple terms they are a medium through which Internet users find what they are looking for on the Internet. There are millions of websites that are active. Through a search engine, you can narrow down your quest for particular online information. In this regard, SEO article writing service enables websites to get more visibility. If you want your products or services to be quickly spotted, then the articles you publish ought to be optimized.

When dealing with an SEO article writing service provider, what you are trying to achieve is the optimization of content through the use of keywords. This technique is mostly used in blogs and websites. An SEO provider is able to carry out research on the right type of keywords to use. This depends on the kind of business you intend to market. Not every keyword will work for you. Through SEO services, you can be guided on the articles to write such that they will attract the attention of search engines.

SEO article writing service also includes the activities undertaken to provide you with keyword rich articles to place on your website. The density of keywords must be right. You should not use too many or very few keywords. If you use many keywords, it results in spamming. On the other hand, too little keywords will lead to the search engine by-passing your page.

Apart from assisting you with optimized articles, SEO article writing service experts provide guidance on the placement of the articles generated. You need to know the right platforms for your articles. SEO experts can assist you on traffic generation since the main reason you are optimizing content is for the sake of attracting potential visitors. In order for you to achieve this, you need to use an effective strategy. The aim is to identify areas where search engines are likely to get attracted to content.

Small Business Planning Must Include Health Care Costs

Based on what little is known about the new health care bill that was just passed, it will have a huge effect on small to mid-sized businesses. One of the line items, as reported in a summary by the Wall Street Journal, is that in 2013 companies with over 50 employees must provide “affordable” health care or face a fine of $3,000 per employee (excluding the first 30 employees). It doesn’t state what “affordable” means.

In the same paragraph it states that the insurance industry must pay an annual fee of $8 billion starting in 2013 and rising in subsequent years.

I guess it’s lost on me how an industry can pay $8 billion in annual fees and still provide affordable insurance packages to small business.

I don’t know all of the intricacies of the proposed bill. I guess that makes me about as smart as the folks who passed it, they didn’t read it either. What I do know as a mid-sized company CEO for over 15 years affordable health coverage is in the eye of the beholder.

I cannot think of a single year where our health care costs were not increased to one of my companies. Every year we scrambled to try and balance plan benefits against rising costs while trying to keep employee contributions down.

Large corporations have bargaining power and volume, and are able to secure better pricing. The small and mid-sized business owner has no such advantage. While the new plan talks about Insurance exchanges to allow small business the opportunity to shop their coverage I don’t see that as any different than what they do currently. We had to shop our coverage every few years to keep costs in line.

The bottom line of all of this is costs for business will increase, and employers will take a harder look at hiring full time employees. Prudent companies will consider health care costs in their strategic planning process, deciding whether to make investments in automation vs. full time employees with an ever increasing cost base, It will make the playing field even more uneven with countries such as China where benefits and regulation are not a concern.

Health care reform is certainly needed. It’s unacceptable that so many Americans, especially the “working poor” as they are called, are without health care. The United States spends roughly twice as much as other developed countries on health care and millions are uncovered. There simply has to be a better way. But history has shown us that a government mandated and controlled program isn’t it.

One of the chief reasons why we spend so much on health care is the cost the insurance companies and health care companies absorb trying to deal with government bureaucracy. To see government health care effectiveness you don’t have to look any further than the VA and how our veterans are treated.

The full impact of this bill on business is unknown, even by those who passed it.

How to Sell Your Laptop Online

Technology has become very important nowadays, if you look at it technically pretty much everything in this world runs on technology. People use technology everyday and the most important gadget that they utilize is their laptop. Laptops have gained quite a lot of publicity especially because new models are being released almost every single year! People have a wide range of different options of laptops to choose from when they step in the market to purchase a laptop. Some people throw away their old gadgets so that they can purchase new ones. Bad idea! Throwing away a laptop that is “old” means that either the person is just ignoring the actual value of the object or they just want to throw away free money. Even the oldest pieces of technology have their own place and value in the market. There are some people that choose to sell their old laptop for a new one, and this is a splendid idea!

Getting Ready to Sell the Laptop

Get all the different items that came with the laptop together such as the cables, boxes, stickers, manuals, disks, and other items that were included. Even the little things will make a huge difference to the person purchasing your laptop. Take pictures of the device. Just make sure that you remove any kind of optical media or memory cards that you keep in your laptop. The next step would be to write a complete description about the laptop and what state it is in such as its battery life, if it is damaged or not, the memory, the USD ports that it has, etc. Determine what the price of the laptop would be by doing research on the Internet such as by looking it up on eBay or another website. Set the price a bit higher than what you want to sell it at and when you get a customer lower the price down so that they will feel tempted to purchase it from you.

Consider where you want to sell the gadget

Some of the places where you could sell your laptop would be:

  • Web forums
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Negotiation

Besides websites you can search around your neighborhood too to see if somebody is willing to purchase your laptop.

Take Care of the Transaction

Once you have a customer you should keep in mind where you would like to have them pay you through. You should also keep other things in mind such as

  • Managing expectations
  • Payment
  • Feedback
  • Shipping

Stay on the safe side while you are busy selling your laptop online because there are many scammers that are just waiting to trick you!

An Optimistic 2013 for Business in the Philippines

What’s 2013 gonna be for business in the Philippines?

The peso against dollar has also improved so much from the time President Benigno Aquino III sat down in office. From Php 50 = $1 dring the time of Arroyo to almost Php 39 = $1. The continuos rise of the Philippine pesos against the US dollar is a good sign that we are on our way to a better economy in the coming year.I read the newspaper today and based on report, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded by 7.1% in the third quarter of 2012 which makes the Philippines second to China in economic growth in Southeast Asia.

What can we do in 2013?

I am not an economist, but based on my past experience in business I see this as a good sign that 2013 will be a good year.

However, my advise is for businessmen to take note of the following:

1. Never speculate

This is true in every business. As I have mentioned in one of my article, speculation is the twin brother of failure. Business is not a gamble; gambling is speculation but successful business calculates risk. Even if the economy is promising for 2013, never speculate – always plan. In the end, no one really knows what tomorrow may bring. It’s like the last fight of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao where no one really expected he will be knocked out like that, make sure that you will not be very confident just because report tells you that the future is bright.

2. Focus on income generation

Although there is a big chance that your business will succeed in 2013, always remember that you still need to work smarter. More income and less cost will help stabilize your business. Do not be quick to decide especially when investing on a project or expanding your business. Every successful businessman has paid their dues, why won’t you? Focus on cost effective ways to build your business while increasing your income. One of the way you can do this is lower your operational cost like hiring a Virtual Assistant to do your back end office work. By doing this you will eliminate the cost on office rental, taxes, benefits, etc. Just imagine how much money you can save just with one decision – hiring a Virtual Assistant.

3. Save for the rainy day

When 2012 came in, a lot of people became crazy about the Mayan Doomsday which was supposed to happen last December 21, 2012. This only proves that no one can really tell what the future may bring. Another lesson we learn from this is that we should never rely too much on here-say and invalidated reports. In 2013, one of the key to your business success is to save, save, save. Always have enough cash for emergencies and other possible unplanned circumstances.

These are my thoughts for 2013. What’s yours?

Credit Reporting Agencies – The Big Three

In the United States, dozens of credit bureaus keep track of whether we pay our bills as agreed. However, most people only need to concern themselves with 3 credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Virtually all potential lenders and landlords will check one or more of these documents when deciding whether they will conduct business with you. Thus, it is important to check at least the big 3 credit reports every year.

A common mistake people make is falling for “free credit report” scams. Virtually all websites that advertise complimentary copies of the 3 credit reports are very interested in getting your credit or debit card information. Yes, you may initially get one or more free copies of your credit files. However, within one to 30 days you will typically be charged for a credit monitoring service. The fine print was that you could get a “free” credit report, but only as part of a “free” trial. If you did not cancel the trial of the credit monitoring service within a specified time period, then you will be charged a monthly or even an annual fee.

Also, many of these “free” reports have inaccuracies. The best way to get your 3 credit reports is by using a government-approved website called The Federal Trade Commission, a government organization designed to help protect consumers’ wallets, does not endorse any other website for the purpose of getting truly free copies of the 3 credit reports.

Alternatively, you can write or call Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. However, it will be much easier for you to go through the brief identity verification process at You will never be asked for any type of payment information and the website is very secure. In fact, you can’t even see your own 3 credit reports until you prove your identity. The typical standard for identity verification is for the computerized system to offer two to four multiple-choice questions. The areas covered could include previous streets or cities of residence, names of relatives or roommates, names of current or past lenders, and the monthly payment range for one of your existing loans such as a home mortgage. If you cannot complete this process online, you must send a copy of your passport, military ID, or driver’s license along with a copy of a bill that proves your address. Then you will get the 3 credit reports through postal mail.